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Digestive Issues

Digestive Issues

Digestive Issues

Trust your gut again.

We heal SIBO, IBS, acid reflux, and other digestive conditions with personalized plans designed to address the root cause of your uncomfortable symptoms.


Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) / Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) / Heartburn and acid reflux / Leaky gut / Constipation and diarrhea / Food intolerances (like gluten and dairy) / Chronic bloating and gas / Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease

Parsley’s successful gut-healing protocol.

Our health coaches prescribe a personalized nutrition plan to balance your blood sugar levels and add whole, nutrient-rich foods to your diet to support your unique digestive health needs.

Chronic stress creates inflammation in the body, which can contribute to digestive issues. We recommend ways to reduce stress every day, from taking screen-time breaks to breathing techniques, that calm an overactive immune system.

We’ll prescribe the supplements you need to heal your gut microbiome—the bacterial ecosystem that controls your digestive health and influences your whole-body wellness.

While conventional doctors often rely on antibiotics to treat digestive conditions (which can actually cause recurrences), we integrate healing antimicrobial herbs to slow the growth of the intestinal microbes causing your symptoms.

How we treat digestive conditions.

We dive deep to understand your gut issues.

Our clinicians take the time to learn about you, in person or virtually, with an in-depth assessment to understand how your health history, genetics, and lifestyle affect your digestive health and symptoms.

Advanced testing to diagnose and treat.

We use advanced testing, like breath tests and comprehensive stool analysis, to diagnose and treat IBS, SIBO, and other digestive conditions that conventional doctors often miss.

A personalized plan for healing and relief

Your care team optimizes your nutrition with dietary guidance, antimicrobial herbs, and probiotics. They also offer recommendations for improving sleep, managing stress, and adding movement to your routine.